The brain and creative behind Sieluja

Hi, I'm Rosalie and the founder of Sieluja. My biggest passion is to help people get further on their growth journey and that's my goal for Sieluja aswell. 

I started Sieluja in my last semester of college (Gymnasium) initially with the goal of connecting my passions of being creative, fashion and helping people while earning some money with it. Over the past year I realized that it is more than a side hobby, it turned into a passion and a heart project.

I'm also very active on social media (if you came here through TikTok or Instagram, hi and welcome, thank you for your support:)) where I post videos about self-growth, self-realization and mental health. 

If you want to know more about me, you're welcome to check out my socials!

Big hug,

Rosalie 🫂