Our products

Our T-Shirts are from lovely Stanley/Stella. Stanley/Stella is a manufacturer, that focuses on sustainable clothing. They have several certificates, such as GOTS, OCS, GRS, OEKO-TEX and PETA (vegan). They also have a membership in the Fair Wear Foundation (an organization for fair working conditions in textile factories).

Our inks

Our inks are water-based and because of this, environmental friendly!:) They are also much better for the skin.

Our packaging

We use cardboard for our packaging to reduce plastic waste.

Our business model

Sieluja clothing is printed in Hamburg, Germany by our partner and also shipped from there. Your shirts are only printed as soon as we get your order, so that also  means no clothing waste!

The only disadvantage that comes with our business model is, that your order takes longer to be delivered to you. But we at Sieluja believe, that our planet is too important to stress about an order.

Thank you!